Kulturnatta!! Welcome to mingel with us!

Friday the 9th october is Kulturnatta when Space and PrickigKatt  offers a glamorous mingle in 30-century spirit,  hairpieces hats and dresses have been run directly from London appears on models mingling. Josefina offers soft music and Malins and Weronika beautiful paintings in inspiring colors are available for tender. It would be super nice if you would like to join us, therefore very welcome!

Snacks and drinks are available at Space at Järntorget from 19.00 onwards.

Vernissage – friday 2 october

Tjohoo!!!!Lovely evening!!lots of nice great and talanted inspiering people.

orange, gold bright colours and lot af secrets to tell….


tres amigos!

wine and tomatoe soup nice combo

fun, fun

good evening and good night.

Preperation for opening day

TodayFriday at 19:00 is opening day and all 41 paintings were in place and it was really good. Now the rest is planned for the opening.
More flyers will fix and then some posters. A little info sheet about Weronika and Malin, and the exhibition.
Wirran a bit concerned…
Mallan writes up all that is left to do.
Late in the evening everything was ready and happy we went home to consult the pillow.

Breakfast with lovely people


Malin paint in her studio!


Find inspiration in everything


A little glance…


A sucessful start!

A good start for my paintings after a rainy week at my favorite island Käringön. I find my inspiration in icons from the 50’s and old dirty walls with hidden layers of beautiful wallpapers. And a lot of fika of course!

Love! Weronika


Start of exhibition Ikoner

Today we started the exhibition Ikoner.


The first paitnings were done in Kvarnbyn, Mölndal, outside Gothenburg.